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Protect Your Investment Property OR HOLIDAY RENTAL

Owning and renting out a property in Australia is not without it's fair share of risks. Make sure you protect your rental property against accidental damage, fire, theft, vandalism and more and gain peace of mind that your property and its contents are well protected.

Who should consider Landlord Insurance?

Like home insurance, landlord insurance can cover your rental property and its contents against risks like storms, floods and fire. It can also cover the damage that tenants can cause to your contents – and even loss of rental income.

Without landlord insurance, you could lose your valuable investment if it’s damaged or destroyed.

You could also lose income from rent if you’re unable to rent it out during repairs, or if your tenants get evicted or break their lease.

Unlike some landlord policies, our landlord insurance can cover holiday rentals and long-term rentals.

Investment property in Qld covered by landlord insurance | AIB Insurance


What can Landlord Insurance cover?

AIB's landlord insurance can provide you with extensive protection if your investment property suffers loss or damage. And, unlike some other policies, our landlord insurance automatically includes some additional benefits - and is flexible enough to cater for both short term and long term rentals.

You can choose:

The exact cover you can receive depends on the policy that you take out. But to give you an idea, here are some of the benefits a Steadfast landlord insurance policy may include:

Landlord Insurance Cover

We can deliver landlord insurance cover for all property types, whether you own a house, apartment, unit, flat or townhouse. Choose the cover that right for you.

Building Insurance

Among the things we can provide cover for:

  • damage or loss caused by fire, storms, theft or vandalism
  • malicious damage or theft by your tenant
  • accidental damage caused by you or your tenant
  • legal liability cover
  • emergency repairs
  • loss of rent
  • replacement of locks

Contents Insurance

Among the things we can provide cover for:

  • legal liability cover
  • removal of debris
  • malicious damage caused by your tenants
  • accidental damage caused by you or your tenants
  • electrical motor burnout

Landlord Insurance Quote

If you have an investment property and want great protection and peace of mind that your building and/or contents are covered against the most common risks, get a landlord insurance quote from AIB. Our team of experts can help you tailor your insurance to reflect your specific needs, with market-leading coverage and claims support. To arrange a quote or discuss your domestic insurance requirements we are available by phone, email or by completing the quick enquiry form on this page. 

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