Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Communities & Organisations

AIB's Indigenous Insurance package covers:

  • Community Councils
  • Health Services
  • Art Centres, Museums & Keeping Places, etc.
  • Housing Associations
  • Legal Services
  • Funded Bodies
  • Sporting Events
  • Schools & Cultural Camps
  • Business Enterprises


As one of Australia's leading insurance companies, AIB offers competitive and comprehensive cover for:
  • Public & Products Liability (Including Airfields)
  • Property - Fire, Accidental & Malicious Damage
  • Directors & Officers Liability / Professional Indemnity
  • Employment Practices, Medical Malpractice
  • Employee Dishonesty (theft by staff)
  • Burglary, Money & Glass, Mechanical & Electrical Breakdown
  • Personal Accident for Board Members, Senior Staff, Volunteers
  • Motor Vehicles 
  • Sports Participation (Special Carnivals), and more


NAIDOC - This insurance package has the flexibility to provide Public & Products Liability insurance for the organisation’s NAIDOC activities. Parades, picnics, entertainment, etc can all be considered, including cover for food and drink. If your insured is planning celebrations for NAIDOC week give the AIB Wholsale division a call to discuss the various implications in relation to cover. 

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AIB has developed a specific insurance package for YOUR organisation.
Our staff have been arranging specific insurance products for Indigenous communities, organisations and businesses since AIB was established in 1982 in Alice Springs.

AIB is proud of this association across very diverse locations from cities and coastal regions to the very centre of the country. Years of service to Indigenous clients has given AIB staff genuine insight into the specific and often unique requirements of both remote communities and metropolitan organisations.

Should you like to obtain a quote for Indigenous community, organisational or business insurance, please complete the application form/s below and return these documents to wholesale@aibinsurance.com.au

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Association Liability Proposal Form
Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander General Insurance Proposal Form

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