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Public and Product Liability Insurance

Business Protection In the Event of Accidents, Injury or Property Damage

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What Is Public and Product Liability Insurance?

Public and Product Liability Insurance helps protect your business from legal liability in the event a third party suffers an accident, injury or property damage, caused by your business or by the products you sell. This can include members of the public, customers or suppliers.

It is generally considered to be one of the most important insurance policies for any business to invest in and particularly for small businesses who potentially have the most to lose by not having adequate insurance protection. If you have direct contact with the general public then this cover is going to be a necessity for your business. AIB can help you find a policy tailored specifically to your business needs, industry and budget.

Who Should Consider It?

While Public Liability Insurance isn’t mandatory for most businesses, it is one of the most important business insurance policies you could invest in. However, there are a number of business types where Public Liability Insurance is mandatory. Your AIB business insurance advisor can help you determine what type of policy is going to suit you the best.

Business owners have a legal responsibility to take reasonable steps to ensure the safety of customers, suppliers and the wider community as well as their property and avoid personal injury or property damage.

Even if you are the most careful of operators, unforeseen accidents happen all the time. As a business owner, if you were faced with a public or products liability claim, the financial impact could be catastrophic. Aside from the cost of legal fees or compensation payments, the chances are you would also face issues with business interruption to your business as well as damage to your reputation.

You should strongly consider Public and Product Liability Insurance if:

At AIB we can tailor insurance packages suited specifically to your needs. As business insurance experts, we can find policies, negotiate insurance contracts and create bespoke packages, regardless of your industry.

What It Can Cover

Public and Product Liability insurance will generally cover the costs of investigating, defending and settling claims made against your business as well as any compensation that you are found liable to pay. It can even cover emotional distress or shock that your business causes another person. Some of the things your policy may cover you for include:

Do You Need Public and Product Liability Insurance?

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