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Child Care Insurance

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Child Care Package For Insurance Brokers

AIB has developed a national reputation for our expertise in providing insurance solutions to the childcare industry. As specialists in the child care and early learning sector, we have developed specific insurance for child care centres that are available to other insurance brokers.

Our underwriting services include a specially-developed early learning insurance package, secured by Ansvar.

Child Care Business Insurance Packages For Insurance Brokers

With a specialist focus on developing child care insurance products since 2000, our packages for brokers are recognised for their enhanced features and competitive premiums and are suitable for:

This child care insurance package is available nationally to other brokers through AIB directly or from selected participating brokers.

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What’s Included In The Child Care Package for Brokers?

AIB’s Child Care Insurance Package now offers enhanced features and even more competitive premiums.

Insurance protection includes:

N.B. This package is available to other insurance brokers. If you operate a childcare business, check out our retail package for childcare insurance, fill out an enquiry form or give us a call and one of our child care business insurance experts will help you choose the right cover for your needs.

This package can be used as a complete business pack or by selection of individual areas of insurance cover only (certain compulsory sections). Our product is an occurrence based policy.

Decline risks include:

– Nannies
Family day care / Home based childcare
Foster care
Unlicensed childcare operators

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Frequently Asked Questions
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Do you offer Sexual Abuse / Molestation cover?

Yes, we can offer Sexual Abuse / Molestation cover subject to the insured providing acceptable safeguarding policies and procedures.

We offer a maximum of $10,000,000 sexual abuse / molestation cover on a claims made basis.

Yes, our policy is fully customisable with General Liability being the only mandatory section.

We can offer cover for prior retroactive cover up to 10 years, subject to Ansvar’s acceptance.

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