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Commercial Motor & Fleet Insurance

Keep Your Business Moving With Commercial Vehicle Insurance

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What Is Commercial Vehicle Insurance?

Whether it’s a fleet of company cars, vans, trucks or utes, Commercial Vehicle Insurance can help protect the assets that keep your business moving. Commercial Motor Insurance is an essential safeguard for businesses that rely on vehicles for their day-to-day operations. Tailored to meet the unique needs of commercial vehicle users, this insurance offers comprehensive protection against a wide range of risks associated with operating commercial vehicles.

Whether you have a single vehicle or a fleet, a Commercial Vehicle policy covers you for damages due to accidents, theft, fire, and natural disasters. It can also provide liability coverage for damages your vehicles may cause to a third party vehicle or property. This not only ensures peace of mind but also helps in maintaining financial stability by protecting against potentially significant costs arising from unforeseen events. With Commercial Motor Insurance, you can focus on driving your business forward, knowing that your vehicles, one of your most vital assets, are well-protected.

Who Should Consider It?

Whether you operate a large national fleet or are an owner-driver, and whether you store goods or only transport them, you should have a range of insurance covers to protect your vehicles, your workers and commercial risks. AIB can help you find a policy that covers the unique needs of your business. We have assisted thousands of businesses to find appropriate Commercial Vehicle Insurance including:

What It Can Cover

Commercial Vehicle Insurance can cover a range of vehicles including:

Most policies offer a range of covers from comprehensive, third party or third party, fire and theft. We can also find cover for a range of optional extras. A Comprehensive policy can include cover for:

Loss or damage to your vehicle

Covers the cost of replacing or repairing your vehicle following specified events such as theft, fire, hail, flood or storm damage or malicious damage.

Covers what you’re legally liable to pay as compensation for loss or damage to someone else’s vehicle or property caused by a motor vehicle accident with your vehicle.

Cover for your tools or trade stock if they are stolen from a securely locked vehicle or damaged in a collision.

Legal Liability for damage by your vehicle to the property of others.

Cover for if your vehicle is declared a total loss or stolen within 2 years of its registration date.

Covers the cost of a hire vehicle until your vehicle is recovered or repaired after a theft, fire or in the event your vehicle is damaged in an accident.
Note additional charges may apply for overs highlighted above.

How Can AIB Help Me?

Let AIB help you find Commercial Vehicle Insurance that provides robust protection for your business fleet, ensuring that your operations run smoothly, no matter what the road ahead brings.

Why Choose AIB for Your Commercial Vehicle Insurance?

Commercial Vehicle Insurance can cover a range of vehicles including:

Customised Coverage:

We offer tailored insurance solutions to match the specific needs of your business. Whether you have a small delivery fleet or a diverse range of commercial vehicles, we can find a policy designed to provide the coverage that’s right for you.

In the event of an accident or damage, our dedicated claims team works swiftly to process your claim, minimising downtime and getting your vehicles back on the road as quickly as possible.

Our insurance policies are designed to keep you covered across Australia, ensuring peace of mind whether your vehicles are operating locally or traversing the country.

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Discover how AIB Insurance Brokers can help protect your business fleet with tailored, affordable Commercial Vehicle Insurance. Contact us now for a personalised quote and let us help you drive your business forward with confidence.

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