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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Insurance

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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Insurance Packages

AIB’s reputation as a market leader in first nations insurance products means we are well placed to develop and offer these insurance packages to other brokers. Our staff have been arranging specific insurance products for Indigenous communities, organisations and businesses since AIB was established in 1982 in Alice Springs.

AIB is proud of this association across very diverse locations from cities and coastal regions to the very centre of the country. Years of service to Indigenous clients has given AIB staff genuine insight into the specific and often unique requirements of both remote communities and metropolitan organisations.

First Nations Insurance Packages For Brokers

With a specialist focus on developing insurance products for the first nations community since 2000, our packages for brokers are recognised for their enhanced features and competitive premiums and are suitable for:

N.B. This package is available to other insurance brokers. If you are not an insurance broker and you wish to purchase insurance for your organisation, you can our check out our retail indigenous insurance package page, fill out an enquiry form or give us a call and one of our  insurance experts will help you choose the right cover for your needs.

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What’s Included In The First Nations Package for Insurance Brokers?

As one of Australia’s leading insurance companies, AIB offers competitive and comprehensive cover for:

NAIDOC – This insurance package has the flexibility to provide Public & Products Liability insurance for the organisation’s NAIDOC activities. Parades, picnics, entertainment, etc can all be considered, including cover for food and drink. If your insured is planning celebrations for NAIDOC week give the AIB Wholesale division a call to discuss the various implications in relation to cover.

For more information, call AIB on 07 5409 4600 or fill out your details below.

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Frequently Asked Questions
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Do you offer cover for fire abatement / fire management / cultural burning?

Yes, we can offer cover for fire abatement subject to the insured providing acceptable risk management documents and burn plans. We do not offer stand-alone fire abatement cover. Our liability automatically extends to smoking ceremonies.

At the decision of QBE, we no longer offer cover for Voluntary Workers Personal Accident, Sports Personal Accident or Journey Cover.

Unfortunately, we do not cover drones under our policies and an Aviation policy can be acquired from the insurance market. If you require assistance, please let us know.

What Our Clients Say
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What Our Clients Say
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AIB Insurance is one of the best known and most trusted business insurance brokers on the Sunshine Coast. Based in Maroochydore, we have grown to become recognised across Queensland and throughout Australia.
AIB are the insurance brokers Brisbane businesses trust with all aspects of their insurance. We take the time to find out about your business, recommend appropriate cover and deal with all aspects of the process, including if you need to make a claim.
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