Meet Our Team

Aib Team Cf45612 1 1 (1)
Vicki Warne Cf45642 1 4

Vicki Warne

Managing Director

Nigel Dobell Cf45634 1 1

Nigel Dobell


Jenni Rogers Cf45684 1 1

Jenni Rogers

General Manager

Kylie Renton Cf45693 1 1

Kylie Renton

Operations Manager

Sue Fox Cf45663 1 1

Sue Fox

Innovation & QA Manager

Jodie Cox Cf45673 1 1

Jodie Cox

Childcare Account Manager

Michelle Allen Cf45716 1 1

Michelle Allen

Account Manager

Lisa Asher Cf45863 1 1

Lisa Asher

Account Manager

Luke Morris Cf45928 1 1

Luke Morris

Account Manager

Team Default

Susan Kneeshaw

Account Manager

Team Default

Jade Sorrensen

Account Manager

Joanne Manocchio Cf45793 1 1

Joanne Manocchio

Internal Account Manager

Michelle Hanna Cf45741 1 1

Michelle Hanna

Internal Account Manager

Sheetal Narayan Cf45769 1 1

Sheetal Narayan

Internal Account Manager

Team Default

Ella Hamilton

Business Development Underwriter

Matthew Wolski Cf45880 1 1

Matthew Wolski

Business Development Underwriter

Allison Mcdonnell Cf45799 1 1

Allison McDonnell


Liesa Bruhn Cf45728 1 1

Liesa Bruhn

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Manager

Adam Blandin De Chalian Cf45904 1 1

Adam Blandin de Chalain

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Account Manager

Tom Harrison Cf45888 1 1

Tom Harrison

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Internal Broker

Brenton Vicary Cf45867 1 1

Brenton Vicary

Claims Specialist

Hala Saunders Cf45825 1 1

Hala Saunders

Claims Specialist

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