As the insurance market continues to harden, the significance of delivering efficient quotation submissions to underwriters and insurers has never been more pronounced. Streamlining this process is paramount to enable underwriters and insurers to thoroughly and accurately review the risks involved, ultimately securing appropriate cover for your clients.

In today’s challenging market environment, where premiums are rising and capacity is tightening, prioritsing efficiency and providing clear, comprehensive quotation submissions not only expedites the assessment process but also enhances the likelihood of obtaining favourable terms and coverage for your clients.

AIB takes immense pride in its reputation for proficiency and swift response times. With a dedicated team committed to delivering exceptional service, we prioritise promptness in addressing broker inquiries, processing quote submissions, and providing timely assistance at every stage of the insurance journey. By consistently striving for excellence in our operations, we aim to exceed expectations and cultivate enduring partnerships built on trust, reliability, and superior service delivery. We’ve put together a guide for brokers to help us achieve the best outcomes for you and your clients.

1. Understanding the Quote Submission Process:

2. Preferred Methods of Quote Submission:

3. Essential Information for Efficient Quoting:

4. Tips for Effective Communication:

5. Leveraging Technology to Streamline Quoting:

6. Best Practices for Quote Follow-Up:

To streamline quoting and elevate client service, brokers must prioritise accuracy, utilise email submissions for convenience, communicate effectively with underwriters, leverage technology updates, and adhere to best practices for follow-up. Implementing these strategies not only enhances efficiency but also ensures client satisfaction. Therefore, it’s essential for brokers to adopt these tips and strategies to deliver superior service and achieve optimal outcomes for their clients.