Recently we were invited to tour the Compass Institute Farm to see how one of their many enterprises benefits from our donations by joining the activities on the farm for a day.

The Compass Farm is a 20 acre property nestled in the hills of Hunchy. Established in 2011, the Farm is a place where people with disabilities can learn, gain diverse work experience and enjoy a genuine vocational opportunities. As a social enterprise the Farm aims first and foremost to provide a safe, rich and meaningful experience for the young people who attend there. 

The Farm provides the trainees an opportunity to learn, such skills as wood working, art, horticulture, cooking and many more. Any fresh produce grown at the farm is also used in the local Connections Cafe.

While visiting the farm, AIB were able to donate Bunning’s gift cards to help cover the costs to upgrade “Cluckingham Palace”, the chicken run of which had been recently broken into by a fox. Unfortunately this fox had managed to help himself to almost 150 of the chickens the farm relied upon. 

The AIB staff had a wonderful day out of the office, and could not help but admire the amazing work this charity does. 

If you would like to learn more about the Compass Institute Farm click on the below link;